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How to start contributing?

  1. Create an account here
  2. Search for the topic you want to contribute
  3. Edit and improve if an article already exists, or create it if it doesn't.

Best practices


Preferred way of writing dates is the ISO-8601 standard.


Past exploits

If creating an article about past exploits page title should be:

Name of the exploit YYYY-MM-DD


Its best to include references in every article, make use of the cite feature on the toolbar above to highlight paragraphs and sentences.


You can embed tweets nicely in the wiki, more information available here:Widget:Tweet/instructions


Can I pick any topic to contribute an article about?

As long as it fits within the Web3 security, you can, even including the more Web2 ones like phishing are incentivised to keep info on within this wiki.

Are there any requirements to contribute?

Nope, just create an account and start editing.

What is the format and syntax for the editors?

Mediawiki doesn't use traditional markdown, the proper syntax for it can be found here:

I already posted an article on a topic elsewhere, can I add it into this wiki?

As long as it fits in the domain of Web3 security, yes, remember to include it as a reference and have the contents reflected on the correct topic.

Contribution Ideas